Biography & Artist’s Statement

Nikki photo

Nikki Park was born in Seoul, Korea. Her family immigrated to Vancouver when she was a teenager. For many years she had trouble adjusting to life in Canada as she longed for her life in Seoul. During this time she channeled all her energy into her art. She credits her art classes for keeping her in school.


After having studied Graphic Design at Vancouver Island University, as well as studies in fashion merchandising and film make-up, she started her own business at an early age, believing the commercial success was important. After 12 years of running her business she sold it in order to return to her childhood dreams of pursuing art as a career.


Now, Nikki is finally following her heart. She wanted to become an artist since she was five years old. Her work has previously been exhibited in the United States. With this exhibition in her adopted home, she feels that her dreams and reality have finally come together. She wants everyone to know that dreams can come true. Her work is a metaphor for finding beauty and passion and she wishes everyone that experiences her art will be able to find their own passion and happiness within themselves.

About my art

I took my first art class in my neighbor’s garage when I was five years old. I drew a big yellow sunflower with oil pastels. I was very proud of my work, so, I told myself that I will become an artist.


I was so quiet that some neighbors thought that I was a mute. I had a lot to say but kept everything inside me. It’s so much easier for me to express my feelings and emotions with colours. Painting abstract gives me all the freedoms; I don’t worry about making mistakes or being right or wrong.


I focus on what I am feeling and try to have fun with it. It’s also important to stay honest with myself, so I don’t create something just to impress others. The most important thing is that I love what I do. I am very happy that I have found my passion and that I am following my dreams. When I meet new people, I can proudly introduce myself as an artist.


Nikki Park - artist